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Thread: Sus and deca

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    Default Sus and deca

    would a cycle of deca 250mg 16 weeks along with sustanon 250mg a week for 16 weeks as well be a good choice for someone who wants to improve strength, muscle mass, and appearance?? how about throwing in some dbol early?

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    Add dbol and ostabolic.

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    The cycle idea is good, but I would recommend you to use more than 250 mgs of sustanon. This dosage will just get you suppressed, and you will not get a huge benefit from it, since this is slightly more than people use for TRT. Try to make your cycle look like this:

    Weeks 1-16
    Sustanon - 500 mgs per week
    Deca - 250-300 mgs per week
    Turinabol - 50 mgs per day during the first 4-5 weeks. It would be a much better alternative to dbol in your case, since tbol does not convert to estrogen
    Aromasin - 10 mgs EOD from the first day of the cycle to control estrogen levels
    Cabergoline - 0.25 mgs EOD from the first day of the cycle to control prolactin levels (deca will increase those)
    Proviron - 50 mgs per day in order to prevent deca dick
    N2Guard - liver supporting supplement, because all oral steroids are liver toxic, so you need to deal with that as well.

    Then, after the last injection wait two weeks, and then start the perfect PCT protocol as described here - The Perfect Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) -

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    this isn't a good newb cycle because it will take a long time to recover.. you are on for 5 months.. so are you prepared to be off for 6=9 months to recover?

    the esters in that stack take 6 weeks to even clear

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    It would be a good stack for gaining mass and moving the scale but just keep in mind that you have 3 very wet compounds in that cycle.....especially test. People are quick to blame deca for water weight but test aromatizes much more heavily. Aromasin as your AI will be key in this cycle. As Steve mentions you will also need quite a while for recovery.

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    Test + deca is pretty much the gold standard for increasing size and strength. It's a classic 'bulking cycle'. It's fantastic for putting on muscle. It's not a good option if you are looking to cut.

    The main problem is that both deca and test are known to cause a lot of water retention if you aren't using the proper support supplements with your cycle.

    Remember to include the proper support supplements with your cycle:
    1. An AI to keep estrogen in the low-normal range. Aromasin at 10mg EOD is a good dosage.
    2. An anti-prolactin drug to keep prolactin in the low-normal range. Cabergoline at 0.25mg EOD is a good dosage.

    The support supplements are very important because high estrogen and prolactin levels can lead to side effects like gyno and water retention.

    Here is how I would run your cycle:

    Weeks 1 - 14 <- It's best to do long and mild cycles with deca because it has such a long ester
    testosterone e/cyp 500mg/week
    deca 300mg/week
    aromasin 12.5mg every other day
    cabergoline 0.25mg every other day

    Weeks 1 - 4
    dbol or tbol 30mg/day
    N2guard 7 capsules/day

    After your cycle run the perfect PCT protocol: The Perfect Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) -
    Trevor Kouritzin RHN, B.ENG
    Human Nutrition masters student
    Pro bodybuilder, International model
    Evolutionary Radio podcast host

    For training inquires please send me a private message or email [email protected]

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    I doubt that you will notice too much from 250 a week.

    Maybe if you would consider 500mg/week, then we would be talking about a serious cycle. Not forgetting to throw in caber and aromasin for the estrogen and prolactin related sides. You can get those from ag-guys btw

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