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Thread: chronic injuries

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    Default chronic injuries

    i have been suffering chronic shoulder problems for the last 3 years. i am thinking of starting my third cycle, this time with testosterone enanthate 500mg a week and deca 450mg a week for 16 weeks. can HGH be handy here along with IGF-1? what would be the best dosages? thanks.

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    You should try osta and nutrobal.

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    there is no way anyone can do a thing for you here until we know what is going on with your shoulder

    i would at least go see a doctor and try physical therapy to get that fixed. 3 years is a long time, i mean I am stubborn too but even I would have figured out what is going on during the time.

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    I agree with Steve. When you have an injury that has been like this for 3 years you need to figure out what the issue is before trying to treat it with supplements or HGH. You need to know the route cause of the pain.

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    THe problem with HGH is that the market is absolutely full of fakes. If I was you, I would use the SARM nutrobal instead. Nutrobal is an HGH analogue. It signals the pituitary gland to increase HGH output in the body. It is your own body producing the GH so there is no issue of fakes. You can read up on it more here -> Nutrobal (Mk-677) Growth Hormone -

    The approved source of the board carries it. I have used it myself and the product is certainly legit.
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    IGF1 and HGH should help you enormously in the long run. However there is a big problem - very difficult to get legit hgh and igf and most likely you will just waste your money

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    For joint issues I would highly recommend Ostarine MK-2866 and Nutrobal mk-677. HGH is a good thing to use, but Nutrobal is a much better alternative for many reasons (it is cheaper, works faster, does not suppress natural GH production, no need for injections, easier to find the legit stuff).

    Ostarine has scientifically proven benefits for the joints and bones, and it can give quite drastic results in terms of recovery from injuries and surgeries. I have personally used Ostarine with N2Joint RX to deal with my bad case of tennis elbow, which was in a horrible condition, and nothing else but this stack could help me. So I can personally vouch for this product, because it has literally saved my sports life.

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