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Thread: anavar fat loss

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    Default anavar fat loss

    can anyone please lemme know what would be the ideal dosage of anavar for someone who wants to lose abdominal fat and weight? i am planning to run testosterone enanthate 500mg a week and anavar 60-80mg ed for 12 weeks. will these dosages be good?

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    50-100/mgs anavar with 20mgs cardarine ed.

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    There is no need to use more than 50 mgs of anavar per day. This dosage is plenty to get good results, and keep the side effects to a minimum. If you will use more, the additional benefits will be minimal, but the side effects will be more prominent. Anavar is liver toxic, so I would not recommend you to use it for more than 6 weeks in a row, perhaps you might stretch this time to 8 weeks, but you should be using a very good liver supporting supplement all along. N2Guard would be the best choice.

    However, I got to tell you that if you want some additional fat loss properties, better opt for Cardarine GW - it has no side effects at all, but it will effectively burn your fat, while maitaining your lean mass. Besides, it will also give you a drastic increase in endurance and recovery, which will lead to enhanced cardio performance, and ultimately to even better fat loss. It would be a much better alternative to anavar.

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    anavar is not a fat burner. so the answer is 0

    you should get GW from sarms1, and n2slin from n2bm. use those and fix your diet and start exercising.. then you will lose weight

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    Your doses are pretty good. The anavar dose is a bit high as most people respond great to 50mg. The key here is to make sure you are in a caloric deficit. Steroids do not burn fat so if you are not strict with your diet you will actually gain weight quite easily.

    You also need to be running N2Guard with the anavar since it is liver toxic and aromasin since test aromatizes heavily to estrogen. A good dose of aromasin is 10mg EOD.

    What do you have planned for PCT or are you on TRT?

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    12 weeks of anavar is going to be very hard on the liver. I would limit it to 8 weeks max. Even that is a lot. Make sure to use a good liver aid supplement with your cycle like N2guard from

    Also make sure to use an AI with your cycle. This is very important to keep estrogen in the low-normal range. This will prevent estrogen related side effects like gyno and water retention. Aromasin at 10mg EOD is a good dosage. Start the aromasin on day 1 of your cycle and run it throughout your entire cycle.

    You didn't mention PCT but make sure to use a good PCT protocol after your cycle to restore natural testosterone production. I recommend the perfect PCT protocol -> The Perfect Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) -
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    50-90 mg of anavar a day is more than enough

    But keep in mind that the fatloss will purely depends on your dieting and caloric intake, not how much gear you take. And dont forget the pct of course

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    I was reading a lot about anavar years ago that it is good to lose abdominal fat but I have not noticed anything dramatic, I know that I had good anavar I had it tested.

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