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Thread: best place to inject winstrol???

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    Default best place to inject winstrol???

    i got winstrol in the mail today and thinking of injecting it everyday on the glutes and quads. is that the best place to inject winstrol? what size of a needle would you recommend and should i stack it with a testosterone based compound?

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    I don't suggest injecting winstrol at all, just take orals with cardarine.

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    There is no particular place for winstrol injections - just like with any steroid. You just do the injections where you consider it the most convenient to you. However, winstrol injections are a pain in the ass, both literally, and not. These injections are very painful, and you need to do a lot of them, which is not cool either. However, if your winstrol is water based, you can just drink it, and the effects will be just the same. In fact, I don't see the point in injecting winstrol, since it will be liver toxic in any case because even the injectable version is methylated, and thus liver toxic.

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    I actually just wrote an in-depth article on injectable vs oral winstol. It should be up on soon.

    Injectable and oral winstrol are essentially the exact same thing. The absorption and liver toxicity is the same whether you take the product orally or inject it. I personally see no reason to do extra injections and inject the winstrol. I would use the oral version.

    If only injectable winstrol is available to purchase, you can actually drink it. Measure out your dosage in the syringe, squirt it into your mouth and then swallow.
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    I would say delts

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    i would not inject it at all.. drink it. or get the oral version.

    injecting it is too painful

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    I would say yes you want to run test with it. Winny on its own will give you very little in results but plenty of side effects. I would also not even bother injecting it. Just drink it and save yourself a poke.

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    I prefer injecting in the bathroom so I can see what I'm doing in the mirror!
    I'd do glutes. It's pretty painful usually.
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