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Thread: first cycle assistance

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    Default first cycle assistance

    hi there i have been looking into steroids for a while and was wondering if you could recomend a good bulking and PCT stack for a first cycle i have been reading different things from different people.

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    a first cycle should be simple. run some test with an oral kickstart. thats it. use an AI, n2guard while on. and then for pct run the perfect pct. it doesn't have to be complicated.

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    ^^^Steve gives you a very simple cycle that is great for a first time user. What are your stats though as far as age, weight, body fat, years training, height, diet in check?

    If you are ready then these are the doses I recommend:

    Weeks 1-12
    Test 500mg split into 2 weekly 250mg injections
    Aromasin 10mg EOD

    Weeks 1-4 (optional)
    dbol 30mg ED

    Perfect PCT -

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    Here is a good video for you to watch where I explain how to properly run a first steroid cycle ->

    A simple testosterone cycle of 10-12 weeks at 400-500mg/week is your best option for a first cycle. Being new to steroids, your body will hyper respond and you don't need a very aggressive cycle. It's very similar to an 18 year old having their first drink. A single drink really hits them because they have never drank before. However, a more experienced drinker would need much more alcohol to get the same effect.

    This sport is all about progression. It's a marathon. You want to start slowly and work your way up. For a second cycle you can do testosterone + an oral as a kick start. For a third cycle you can do testosterone + an anabolic + an oral as a kick start, etc. If you start with a very aggressive cycle right off the bat, where will you go from there when you plateau? By starting slow you leave 'all your aces in the hole' and will be able to make progressive gains for a long time.

    Here's what I recommend:

    Weeks 1 - 10
    testosterone e or cyp 500mg/week
    aromasin 10-12.5mg every other day

    After your cycle run the perfect PCT protocol:
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    Keep in mind that before even starting the cycle, have everything on hand - the gear, the supplements and the PCT. Only then begin.

    In addition, make sure to have a good workout and diet scheme planned out. As long as you can be on point, the cycle will be worthy and optimal.

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