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Thread: letrozole for gyno

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    Default letrozole for gyno

    I have taken a cycle of dianabol about a year and a half ago, and I'm interested in letrozole for gyno. What does it exactly do and is it safe? If I were to take it what are the directions/dosages for this product.

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    letro is an aromatase inhibitor.. the problem is that it is very potent and strong and will crater your estrogen fast. i would NOT use it unless you absolutely have to. the best AI is aromasin, it is gentle and does the job without causing nasty low estrogen sides

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    If you have gyno you will need to run the anti-gyno protocol linked here:

    It contains letro as one of the main compounds. This protocol will probably make you feel like shit since it will crash your estrogen. The thing to remember is that you need to run it exactly as laid out from start to finish.

    Next time you cycle you will want to use an AI like aromasin with any compounds that aromatize. That was your mistake with the dbol cycle.

    If the anti-gyno protocol does not completely get rid of the gyno then you will need surgery to get rid of it.

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    You can read up on letrozole more here ->

    Letrozole is a very effective drug for removing gyno but the best option for removing gyno from past steroid usage is to run the anti gyno protocol 3.0 ->

    The anti gyno protocol has a lot of science behind it and is your best option for getting the gyno removed without surgery.
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    Keep in mind that you need to follow anti-gyno protocol the way it is instructed. If you do something differently, it might not work as expected.

    However, if it happens so that the gyno protocol does not work - surgery will be the only way to remove your gyno.

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