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Thread: masteron and testosterone

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    Default masteron and testosterone

    want to go lean and fit and thibking of doing a cycle with masteron and testosterone. are they safe and good together? I am currently taking a prescription strength anti-inflammatory, would there be any contraindications with the use of these roids?

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    There will be no contradictions or safety concerns taking anti-inflammatory drugs with steroids but taking anti-inflammatory drugs like tylenol/aspirin before your workout will actually be counterproductive for your muscle building goals. Inflammation (the pump) is needed to signal the hypertrophy (muscle building) process. By taking tylenol/aspirin before your workout, you will blunt that response and not get as much of a hypertrophy response from the workout that you would of otherwise.

    Don't take anti-inflammatory drugs unless absolutely necessary.
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    How lean are you right now? Mast is really a cosmetic drug that works best when you are at a low body fat like 8% or so. If that is not the case then don't bother running it. If you want to get lean on cycle then it will come down to diet. Test will help preserve muscle while cutting but steroids do not burn fat.

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    Masteron has no purpose if you are in relatively higher bodyfat. Otherwise you will not notice the effects.

    The reason for it is because your muscles will get that hard toned look, but the thing is - they will still be hidden and covered by fat. Its like trying to see a naked lady, but there is a brick wall in between you. If you get the comparison, haha.

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