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Thread: what on TRT?

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    Default what on TRT?

    i have been on TRT for a while and want to know if i can run masteron and winstrol while being on TRT. i want to lose belly fat and gain strength at the same time. do not have any big ambitions, realistic expectations. would love to hear from you all experts. thanks.

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    You absolutely can add additional steroids to your TRT. It's called 'blasting and cruising'.

    You basically add steroids to your TRT dosage and a do a 'blast' and then return to nothing but your TRT dosage and do a 'cruise'. Most people alternate between 10-12 week blasts and 10-12 week cruises.

    Neither masteron or winstrol aromatize into estrogen so they would be good options to add into your TRT. I would use a good liver aid supplement when using the winstrol though since it's a liver toxic oral steroid. Look for a liver aid supplement based on TUDCA, NAC and milk thistle. I really like the product N2guard from
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    masteron is a hardener and winstrol is a drier. unless you are already at a low body fat you wont get anything out of them but achy joints and muscle hardness.

    with your goals winny for sure is a bad choice for you. as for masteron it would depend on your body fat level, otherwise complete waste of money. remember steroids are not fat burners

    you are going to be better off adding in n2slin + GW/sr9009 stack instead. you can buy from n2bm and sarms1

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    Since you are on TRT I would recommend increasing your test dose to 500mg per week instead of adding another compound. This is because your goal is fat loss so the compounds you mention don't make much sense. Just add in Cardarine, SR-9009, and N2Slin for maximum fat burning. Diet is obviously still the most important part to your success.

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    Depends on your current bodyfat. If it is above 10-12 %, then adding masteron or winstrol will add very little value to you in terms of physique.

    I would shred down with TRT dose first. And then add these two for the final cut. You could in the meantime incorporate something like cardarine to help with the process of fat loss. And even add N2Slin to make sure the nutrients get where they are supposed to. Other than that, I wouldnt recommend hopping on masteron & winstrol immediatelly.

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