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Thread: should i try sustanon?

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    Default should i try sustanon?

    i have ran two cycles with testosterone enanthate and want to know if sustanon would be a nice choice for my next cycle? also, would a weekly dose of 500mg be good? split in two equal doses? is there some specific kind of workout for strong muscles and improved strength? thanks a lot.

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    Testosteron is testosteorne. Both test e and sustanon are primarily long estered forms of testosterone that should be injected twice per week. For all real world purposes, they are the exact same thing.

    500mg/week is a good dosage for testosterone. Inject 250mg twice per week.

    Remember to also include an AI into your cycle to keep estrogen in the low-normal range. This will prevent estrogen related side effects like gyno and water retention. Aromasin at 10mg EOD is a good dosage. Start the AI on day 1 of your cycle and run it throughout your entire cycle and PCT.
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    sustanon problem is it does carry more PIP than just regular E or cyp. a lot of guys fell in love with sustanon during the 2000's because it was easily affordable pharm grade from pakistan under the organon brand. so they got spoiled vs. using UGL E or cyp. but if you use a proper source you will be able to get equal quality

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    It is basically the same exact thing. Sust is still mostly a long ester test so use it the same way as Test C or E. The only downside is that there can be a bit of PIP to it.

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    Sustanon is quite similar to testosterone e, so you will not notice big differences in terms of the 'effect'.

    The main difference is that enanthate has one long ester attached to it, while sustanon is a blend of various testosterones with different esters.

    In any case, I always prefer test e, as it provides less side effects and there is less fluctuations of the hormone in the bloodstream.

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