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Thread: puffy nipples, help

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    Default puffy nipples, help

    i have been running my first ever cycle for the last 5 weeks and results have been great till now until i saw my nipples getting a bit puffy. there is no pain or sensation if i press them but they have become very soft. is that what people call gyno? should i start running arimidex? what would be the best dose be: 0.25mg eod or 0.5mg e3d? thanks.

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    You should of been running the AI since day 1 of your cycle. An AI is VERY important to prevent against estrogen related side effects like gyno and water retention.

    You have the warning signs of gyno developing.

    Arimidex at 0.5mg EOD is a good dosage when on cycle. Start the arimidex ASAP and use it for the rest of your cycle and PCT.
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    musky is exactly right. you always run an AI from day 1... you don't wait till you start having problems like the forum guru's always say to do.

    i would go to and order aromasin and start using 15mg a day then 15mg EOD until the issue is resolved.. the longer you wait the longer the problems will go on

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    Could you show some pictures? It could be fat accumulation, or even worse -gyno. Then you desperately need AI to make sure it doesnt get worse

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