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Thread: Advice for lean, dry gains??

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    Default Advice for lean, dry gains??

    i am 38 and have done a few cycles. I am 5'9", 190lbs and want to now run a cycle with testosterone cypionate 250mg twice a week and equipoise 800mg a week for 16 weeks and want to add turinabol 60mg ed for weeks 1-8. would run aromasin 1 tab eod throughout and PCT will be with clomid and nolva. is this a good cycle?

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    that is a bit more gear then i would recommend and too long. everyone says to run EQ for atleast X # of weeks but they don't understand the risks from recovery. so stick to 12 weeks, i don't care if EQ 'takes a while to kick in' as they tell you.

    also your pct is very weak. at the very least add in n2generate to it

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    Cycle length is fine EQ is a very long ester. Tbol for 8 weeks is too long 6 weeks is sufficient. Your PCT is weak I recommend adding Banned Nutrition M1-MK at ESARMS.
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    Tbol.for 8 weeks is too.long

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    Cut the tbol back to 6 weeks, and give your liver a break

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