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Thread: have i planned it good?

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    Default have i planned it good?

    i am thinking of running a 18 week cycle with testosterone enanathate 500mg a week, deca 450mg a week, and dianabol 40mg ed (for first 5 weeks only). i will use arimidex .25mg eod from week 6th onwards and PCT will be done with clomid and nolvadex. what do you say?

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    12 weeks is going to be far safer for recovery. 18 weeks + 6-7 weeks for esters to clear, that is a long time man and recovering will be hell

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    Thet cycle is a bit on the long side

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    How many cycles have you ran? AI dosage is a little low for Dbol.

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    You should be using an AI from day 1, and more like 0.5mg eod with that stack. Also 18 weeks is really long, and recovery is not going to be fun.

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