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Thread: sustanon or test cyp?

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    Default sustanon or test cyp?

    i want to run a cycle and a bit confused what would go well with winstrol, anavar, and tren? will that be testosterone cypionate or sustanon 250? also, would it make sense to run this cycle for 14 weeks or should i make it a 18 week thing? thanx a lot in advance.

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    When it really comes down to it - testosterone is testosterone. The ester only changes how frequently you need to inject. For all real world purposes, test cyp and sustanon are pretty much the exact same thing. Both are primarily long estered steroids that should be injected twice per week for the most stable blood hormone levels.

    I personally would pick test cyp. The small amount of prop in sust can cause some post injection pain.

    I would run the cycle 14 weeks. Cycles longer then 16 weeks become really hard to recover from. I find that 12-16 weeks is the sweet spot. Really good gains but you don't shut your natural testosterone production down for so long that recovery becomes a problem.
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    you are going to lose your hair on that stack. why are you including winny?

    winstrol is not going to help you in the gym, it is a drier for those who want to prep for a show or photos . it is a horrible steroid otherwise and kiss your hair goodbye in that stack

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    I would say test E or test C is better than sustanon. The reason behind it, is that you have more stable levels, as those blends really are not that well made and might have more of one of another component.

    As for the length, I wouldnt recommend going higher than 14 weeks for an amateur.

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