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Thread: sustanon use tips

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    Default sustanon use tips

    i recently bought sustanon 250 online and a bit confused if the dosages can up as much as 500mg a week or even 750mg a week. i last ran sustanon at 250mg a week six months ago and the results were good. but now i want to give dosages a boost. what do you say?

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    Most people use Sustanon for TRT or cruising, as it usually has some very long esters mixed in, and therefore most people take conservative dosages of it. That said, you can run it at the same dosages per week you would run any other test ester really. I would not jump up to 750mg from a last run of 250mg as the side effects tend to multiply, but 400 to 500mg is probably fine if you tolerated 250mg well. Just remember to run an AI with it.

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    500mgs a week is fine. but i agree with PON, it is a TRT ester. if you are doing a standard 10 or 12 week cycle stick with C or E

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    500mg is more than plenty

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    500 is more than plenty

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    500 mg is good. With more steroids than your body can utilize you will only be working the depreciating returns caveat and wasting your monetary and work investment.
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