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Thread: stacking query

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    Default stacking query

    i want to try out my second cycle and a bit in doubt. should i stack testosterone enanthate with masteron or with winstrol and anavar if my goal is to lose fat, improve strength levels, and cut down a bit? please advice

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    i would say that masteron and winny are more for show/pic prep than what a normal gym rat would ever use from it. winny is a drier and mast is a hardener

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    If your goal is to lose fat, I'd go with test and anavar. That is not to say that this stack will make you lose fat, but it will guard you against muscle loss while you diet hard on cycle.

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    Steroids arent fat burners. Masteron is useless unless you're really lean. When you are, theres nothing like it.

    My advice is go with test and then add gw and sr9009 from to help the fat burning

    Diet needs to be right to lose fat regardless

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    While steroids are not fat burners the extra mass will need to utilize more fat for energy. In essence, gaining muscle will displace fat, but your diet and workouts are going to be the real key.
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    For your goals SARMS will be a far better option. You can get the very best SARMS @

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