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Thread: roids or SARMS?

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    Default roids or SARMS?

    i have been reading a lot about anabolic steroids and SARMS these days and want to know which one is better when it comes to leaning out and improving strength?? can you please help me plan a cutting cycle? i have done a cycle before, it was with test e 6 months back. thanks.

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    The best SARMS for fat loss are PPAR up regulators like cardarine or SR9009 ->

    The nice thing about cardarine and SR9009 is that they are not stimulants or hormones so they won't effect testosterone production, sleep or anything like that. They will directly increase fat loss and endurance with no side effects or need for a PCT afterwards.

    A lot of people stack cardarine with S4 and ostarine and run the triple stack ->
    Cardarine is a great SARM for fat loss and endurance
    Ostarine is a great SARM for recovery
    S4 is a great SARM for strength gains
    You get the best of everything by stacking the three together.
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    you can't just take either and magically gain strength and lose fat. they are tools

    i would categorize AAS as best for pure strength and aggression
    while sarm's would be better for recomping and fat loss

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    Well, it is tough to answer because steroids are far superior for strength but will not burn fat. SARMs on the other hand can help with fat loss. If your goal is to do both of them then I would go with SARMs.

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    Think of it this way - steroids are stronger but at the same time cause suppression of natural testosterone and yield a lot of side effects.

    While at the same time sarms are more mild but have little to no sides.

    For leaning out, you can also do a combination of both - testosterone cycle with cardarine for the enhanced fatloss

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