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Thread: first cycle ever

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    Default first cycle ever

    want to run my first cycle ever. i am 24, 215lbs, and 5'10", been into cross-fits for a while and want to get stronger and have low body fat but don't want to lose any of my cardio. can anyone please guide me what to take and how much and often?

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    if you don't want to lose cardio you best not use AAS. the exception is EQ

    instead use SARM's. hell you could just run GW and get fantastic results boosting cardio. make sure you buy sarms1 brand though

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    @stevesmi hit the nail on the head.

    The only steroid that would really benefit an athlete would be EQ because it increases red blood cell count and doesnt cause a whole lot of water retention.

    Honestly though, as a athlete, I would forgo steroids altogether and use SARMS instead. Even steroids like EQ will probably hurt your performance, not improve it.

    Steroids like EQ also open up a whole bag of worms of other issues because they are suppressive of natural testosterone production. After using EQ, you would need to run a full PCT which gets very expensive.

    SARMS are going to be your best option as an athlete. Steroids will increase strength, but they will also cause a lot of water retention and negatively impact endurance. Your sports performance will actually probably be worse on the steroids then before you started the cycle. You might actually be slower when using the steroids because of the amount of body weight and water retention you gain on the cycle.

    SARMS on the other hand will directly increase endurance, fat loss and recovery. They aren't as strong as steroids in terms of strength and muscle gains but you get all the good, with none of the side effects. They don't cause water retention, are only minimally suppressive of natural testosterone production and aren't liver toxic. You will still increase strength on SARMS, just not to the same extent that you would on steroids.

    The SARMS triple stack (S4 + ostarine + cardarine) would be a great first cycle to run:

    Cardarine will directly increase fat loss and endurance
    Ostarine will increase recovery
    S4 will increase strength and lean mass
    You get the best of everything with the triple stack

    After the triple stack, run a mini PCT. 4 weeks of the following:
    HCGenerate ES at 5 capsules/day
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    SARMs are a great option since you want to lose body fat. Steroids do not burn fat on top of the fact that almost all of them hinder endurance. Take a look at sarms1 and check out the stacks there.

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    The best thing for any crossfitter is the sarms triple stack.

    Cardarine ensures you of having high endurance and tons of stamina, as well as enhanced fat loss.
    Ostarine helps to repair the muscle tissue, resulting in growth, as well as helping with healing injuries.
    S4 gives explosive strength.

    Is there anything better you could ask for as a crossfitter?

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    Test is KING! However, if YOU decide not to pin, I'd run MK2866 & YK11. Best sarms stack I ever ran.
    In regards to your post. You clearly state you don't wanna hinder your cardio, not acquire better cardio. You wanna get strong as fuck and keep cardio run TEST. I've trained for triathlons and ran test with great results. Bigger, Stronger and faster. I'm talking like a low dose, per haps 200-250mg test c. Add YK11 & MK2866 and your golden.

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