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Thread: First timer questions

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    Default First timer questions

    i am about to start my first cycle, considering running a 14 week cycle with testosterone enanthate 250mg twice a week, preferably on Mondays and thursdays. what would you recommend as the AI and PCT for this cycle and how long should i wait to start the second cycle?

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    What is your stats and experience?

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    Please post your full stats and goals. Already asking about your 2nd cycle and haven't even started your first. Slow down tiger.

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    10-12 week cycle. don't go 14 weeks.. too long

    run bloods before you start

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    An AI is extremely important and I recommend using aromasin. As for PCT, it is also extremely important. Do a search for the Perfect PCT Simplified. You will want to incorporate things like clomid, nolva, N2Generate ES, Cardarine, ostarine, N2Gard.

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