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Thread: bulking and cutting

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    Default bulking and cutting

    i would like to run a cycle ASAP. My main concern is health which I know always runs a risk with anything, be it roid, sarms, or Prohormones. Maybe a bulking and cutting stack but i am not sure how to stack steroids. should I run a cycle support (Hcgenerate)??

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    What is your stats goals and experience?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CamdeTVV View Post
    Maybe a bulking and cutting stack but i am not sure how to stack steroids.
    Either or bro can't really bulk and cut at the same time. You can do a recomp but it's much harder and more for the experienced.

    Post your full stats and pick a goal so we can further assist you.

    First cycles are Test only or SARMS.

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    If you are worried about side effects, then I would look into SARMS and defiantly stay away from pro hormones
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    You will want to start reading the articles out there about these compounds and how they work. Get a good understanding before using them. They are serious hormones.

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