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Thread: T400 and Test E guidance

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    Default T400 and Test E guidance

    i was doing my cycle with test e and tren acetate and the testosterone just finished up. i have T400 with me. can that be used with trenbolone? will there be any issues if i do that? plz help urgently.

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    Testosterone is testosterone. The only difference the ester makes is how frequently you need to inject the drug.

    For all real world purposes, test e and t400 are basically the same thing. Both are long estered steroids that should be injected twice per week. You can get away with once per week but twice per week is optimal for the most stable blood hormone levels.

    Any testosterone can be stacked with tren whether it be test prop, test cyp, sust, test e or t400
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    You can switch it up without any issues.

    Big question is - if you are running testosterone with long esters, why are you using tren acetate?

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    you can run tren by itself. you don't even need the test. i do it all the time and it works well

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