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Thread: plan at the moment, plz confirm

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    Default plan at the moment, plz confirm

    Hi everyone, i need help planning my first cycle. i was wondering if it would be a good choice to run testosterone enanthate 500mg a week in two equal split doses mondays and thursdays? the cycle would be of 14 weeks and i'll bring on arimidex 0.5mg e3d and PCT will be dealt with clomid and nolvadex. Thank you for all your answers in advance.

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    Your cycle looks great - your PCT is what needs improvement.

    That old school 2 SERM clomid and nolvadex PCT is very outdated and not optimal at all.

    Brother, check out this article on the perfect PCT protocol ->!-49252.html

    It explains how to properly run a PCT to ensure your natural testosterone production fully recovers and you keep all the gains you made from your steroid cycle.
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    swap in aromasin for arimidex. your pct is fine, if this was 1990. but today it is way outdated.

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