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Thread: Time between cycles

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    Default Time between cycles

    i've been reading forum posts and have come to the conclusion that there should be preferably a gap of 14-18 weeks between cycles. i last did my third cycle two months back and ran test e, masteron, and tren. what should be the next cycle and when? i'm all ears, and would appreciate any input.

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    The general rule is time on + PCT = time off. So you ran a 10 week cycle and 6 week PCT, you would want to wait 16 weeks before starting your next cycle.

    What are your goals? It's hard to put together a cycle recommendation without knowing that.

    If you are looking for mass, why not do test, deca and primo.

    Primoboloan is a DHT derivative that does not aromatize into estrogen so you can include it in a test/deca cycle with no worries about an additional increase in estrogen. Test and deca are both highly estrogenic but primo is not.

    I actually really like the idea of a test + deca + primo cycle. That way your cycle includes testosterone, a DHT derivative and a nandrolone.

    Remember to include the proper support supplements with your cycle:
    1. An AI to keep estrogen in the low-normal range. Aromasin at 10mg EOD is a good dosage.
    2. An anti-prolactin drug to keep prolactin in the low-normal range. Cabergoline at 0.25mg EOD is a good dosage.

    The support supplements are very important because high estrogen and prolactin levels can lead to side effects like gyno and water retention.

    Here's what I recommend:

    Weeks 1 - 16
    testosterone 500mg/week
    primo 300mg/week
    deca 300mg/week
    aromasin 12.5mg every other day
    cabergoline 0.25mg every other day

    After your cycle run the perfect PCT protocol:
    Trevor Kouritzin RHN, B.ENG
    Human Nutrition masters student
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    Evolutionary Radio podcast host

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    it is very important to run blood work to confirm your HPTA has gotten healthy. too many guys hop on gear too fast before they recover.. this is a mistake!

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    For your next cycle you really have to determine your goals and then choose the compounds you want. It is hard to just make up a cycle without more info.

    You should follow time on + PCT = time you should be off.

    So a 12 week cycle with 6 week PCT means you should wait 18 weeks before another cycle. At that point you should be ok to go again but you would want to have blood work verifying everything is back to normal.

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