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Thread: Ejaculation problems

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    Default Ejaculation problems

    i have been running a cycle with masteron, testosterone propionate, trenbolone acetate, T3, and arimidex. age 28, 5'10", and 230lbs. i took almost 2 hours to cum and seems like my prolactin or estrogen levels are to be blamed for it. would cabergoline be a good choice?

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    This can be a problem on nandolones, and depending on the dose of tren you are running....yes you need caber

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    i've never heard a good explanation for why this happens in my life, i can say it does happen on certain steroids and i don't see how taking caber will make a difference, maybe a placebo effect i dunno? prolactin only has to do with refractory period, not how soon you ejaculate so don't see where guys make the link

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    You should get blood work so you know if there is a hormonal problem.

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    Yes Caber will help. You're supposed to use it from the beginning of your cycle not wait until there's a problem. High prolactin will cause ed as well as your reduce your refractory period. A little Caber goes a long way.

    High prolactin can also cause gyno and you don't want that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Masonic Bodybuilder View Post
    You should get blood work so you know if there is a hormonal problem.
    This also... Eliminates the guessing

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