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Thread: Post Cycle Belly

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    Default Post Cycle Belly

    i've done two cycles till now. last did a cycle with testosterone enanthate and winstrol. a big bloated put on me appeared as soon as i finished the cycle. the belly looks just disgusting. what can do to treat it? also, i next want to run anavar and sustanon. would that be helpful?

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    you can treat it by taking ....... lol come on man.. you know damn well what you need to do.

    fix your diet, also check your bloodwork to see your estrogen

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    just catching up on posts. when u run gear your belly will expand, your abs are muscle and will grow just like your arms. if your diet is on it wont be fat, if your diet isn't right, then, well fat!

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    try taking some nolvadex/clomid or a serm to combat water retention

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