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Thread: what would you recommend?

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    Default what would you recommend?

    did my second cycle four months ago and then was down with an injury. things are good now and i want to restore my strength and muscle mass and wondering what would be the ideal steroids for me to get on like never before? also, should deca be made a part of the cycle as i heard it is very helpful in healing??

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    as much as it may appear that steroids are a good option right now the reality is that it is the opposite

    you want to build back your conditioning and get 100% healthy before steroids, otherwise you will only hurt yourself again

    the 'deca helps healing' myth is quite common out there. however i can assure you if you find the 50 somethings in your gym who love deca they can print you out pages of how many injuries they have. so no it doesn't heal injuries

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    Steroids are not a good option right after injury. In fact, getting stronger and lifting heavier can often just lead to the injury coming back.

    Definitely get back to 100% first before using any steroids.

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    Steroids would actually be counterproductive in your current situation. Look into ostarine and healing peptides like tb500
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