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Thread: dose of arimidex?

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    Default dose of arimidex?

    on some forums, the recommended dose of arimidex is 0.25mg eod, some say 0.5mg e3d and others say arimidex 1mg ed. what exactly is the recommended dose of arimidex for someone who has just started his first cycle?? how do i cut pills if i had to, a sharp knife? is there some pill cutter in the market?

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    when it comes to using AI's you must experiment with the right dosage for you and it also depends on what you are running

    you want to keep your estrogen balanced. not too high and not too low either! blood work is your guide.

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    The only way to know for sure what dosage of arimidex is going to keep your estrogen levels in the normal range is through blood work. Estrogen is something you don't want high and don't want low either. Some estrogen is needed to sensitize the androgen receptors.

    For 99% of people, a dosage of 0.5mg EOD will keep their estrogen levels in the normal range when on cycle.

    You can cut your arimidex pills with either a razor blade or a pill cutter. You can buy a pill cutter for cheap on
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