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Thread: painful shoulder, help

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    Default painful shoulder, help

    i just started with my third cycle. been taking 1cc testosterone twice a week and injected on my shoulders five days back. the next day i woke up my shoulders were swollen, red, and painful. any suggestions on how to deal with it, i don't want to lose out my workouts and cycle gains. plz help.

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    Is the injection site red at all? Did you have a bad injection?

    If you develop a rash on the injection site, that is a sign of an infection and you need to go to the hospital ASAP.

    Since you have already done 3 cycles, I would imagine you have your injection procedure down pretty well. I doubt you had a bad injection.

    Sounds to me like your probably knicked a verve during your injection and are experiencing extreme PIP. First you want to apply cold to bring the inflammation in the area down. For the first 24 hours, you want to apply ice/cold packs to bring down the inflammation.

    After the first 24 hours, you then want to apply heat to bring blood flow to the area and to increase recovery.
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    you aren't going to get an infection like magic the next day

    this is likely tissue irritation, it will take a while to go away.. i would be very careful injecting in that spot for a while

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    Probably just a bad injection. Just switch areas next pin.

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