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Thread: gyno

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    i did a cycle with test e 500mg and deca 300mg a week for 14 weeks almost a year ago and got nice results. the PCT had nolvadex and did not worked very well. developed gyno and lost some of my gains. if i try out a next cycle and use clomid, nolvadex, and HCG, will i be able to reduce the size of my nipples that have gone a bit big now? thanks.

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    OK first off, if you are already suffering from gyno, you certainly DO NOT want to use HCG ->

    HCG is a form of estrogen after all.

    Starting a steroid cycle with pre-existing gyno issues is not a good idea. You need to get your gyno under control first, and then consider running a steroid cycle.

    Your best bet for removing the gyno without surgery is to run the anti gyno protocol 3.0 ->

    Run the protocol exactly as laid out in the article. It has helped literally hundreds of people in your exact situation.
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    that pct was horrible!!! you would have been better off running no pct

    not your fault though, we have all these idiots on forums and in the gym giving advice which results in mistakes like this

    muskrat is right, you should get the gyno situation ironed out first. i recommend the anti gyno stack

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    Live and learn, right? We have all made mistakes like this. Muskate already linked the 2 most important things above........the Perfect PCT, and the Anti-Gyno Protocol.

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