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Thread: Endurance athlete, need help

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    Default Endurance athlete, need help

    i am 41 years old, 180lbs, and 6'. been a regular at the gym for long. in 2006, i met with a bad accident. my doc recommended me TRT a year back. 100mg a week though i later raised it to 200mg a week. i feel lethargic all the time, possibly low testosterone symptoms. what would you suggest me to do?

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    200mg/week is a pretty heft dosage of TRT. Especially for someone only 180 pounds. I really doubt your testosterone levels are low.

    Your low energy could be caused by a hundred different things. I would book a physical with your doctor and get a full physical done. It could be a thyroid issue, low iron levels, low vitamin B12 etc etc.

    Having low energy and feeling lethargic all the time is not normal. You need to get this professionally checked out.
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    expecting anyone diagnose you with a problem is wishful thinking. as muskrat said it could be a million things

    the first thing though that comes to mind is being out of shape and not eating right. eating nutritious foods vs. eating heavy foods that make you feel blah is the first step. are you getting enough sleep? does your home life suck? wife nag you everyday when you come home? do your kids annoy you? lots of factors.

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    Is the doctor not monitoring with blood work? You would know exactly where your T levels are. You also want to be watching a lot of other things like estrogen, cholesterol, etc.

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