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Thread: first cycle in three years

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    Default first cycle in three years

    it has been a while since i have been on roids. had done three cycles previously but nothing for the last three years. now want to do a small cycle and was wondering if i should go for a testosterone only cycle now or if i can start with sustanon, deca, and proviron and bring on clomid, nolvadex, HCG, and arimidex??

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    at the end of the day it is your decision. there are no laws to using steroids

    people are under the incorrect assumption on forums that test only is a 'safe cycle' or something of that nature and it is farthest from the truth. you WILL have estrogenic and androgenic sides.. and YOU WILL shut your HPTA down hard on 500mg of test a week evrery time. so there is no safe cycle, steroids are powerful hormones.

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    If it was me I would do the test only cycle and save the deca for the next one. Definitely get rid of the HCG though. It has no place in a steroid cycle.

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    If you haven't ran a cycle in 3 years, it'll almost be like running a first cycle all over again. I would do a simple testosterone only cycle
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