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Thread: test, tren, and serotonin

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    Default test, tren, and serotonin

    i am presently running trenbolone and test e. a friend of mine told me that tren can reduce serotonin in the body and even prevents the body from making more of it. is there any way that the effects of tren on serotonin can be countered? plz dont suggest me to try out a SSI-antidepressant. thanks

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    Sincerely, I am not sure if trenbolone can reduce the serotonin levels, but there is a bunch of thing that can be done to increase serotonin levels, being the simplest thing to have proper sleep. When we sleep, this hormone is produced. Also, working out can increase the levels of this hormone.

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    tren does a lot of weird things. it will roller coaster dopamine, that is why it is known as the relationship killer steroid. if you suffer from depression you don't want to be using tren at all. stick to the mild compounds

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    Trenbolone is a very androgenic compound and will effect hormones involved in mood such as dopamine and serotonin. That's why I don't recommend using tren until you have done at least 3-4 prior steroid cycles.

    There isn't much you can really do about it. Tren is just a very harsh compound. Try drinking green tea throughout the day. The polyphenols in green tea naturally raise serotonin levels (your body's feel good hormone).
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    For someone without any depression/anxiety issues I have no concerns about running tren. If you are prone to those or experience them I would not run such an androgenic compound like tren.

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