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Thread: estrogen question

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    Default estrogen question

    i am here for seeking answers to some questions. i have been told by a friend that it is best to run the first cycle with testosterone enanthate for 14-18 weeks where weekly doses of 500mg are good (2 split doses of 250mg each on say mondays and thursdays). he suggested me to take arimidex from week 5th or 6th at 0.25mg eod. is that really right? shouldn't i brought it earlier than that and at 0.50mg eod? please guide.

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    10 weeks is best for a first cycle. Your testosterone dosage looks good.

    Start your AI on day 1 of your cycle and run it throughout your entire cycle and PCT. arimidex @ 0.5mg EOD
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    i agree with musky and your friend is well intentioned but he is not blood work. the only way to know correct AI dose is bloods, not a friends opinion on what worked for HIM

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    That is an outdated version of a first cycle. I would keep the test at 500mg per week but cut it down to 10-12 weeks. Also swap in aromasin for arimidex. Run it around 10mg EOD. Only blood work will show you the proper dose though. Start it from day 1 of your cycle as well. Waiting to start an AI is just asking for gyno.

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