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Thread: cutting and test e

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    Default cutting and test e

    i am planning to buy supplies of testosterone enanthate from a reliable source and want to know what is the ideal cycle duration for a beginner? 14 weeks, 16, or 18 weeks???? my goal is to shed unwanted bulk and enter into a nice cutting phase. will a test only cycle be good for cutting purposes? or do you recommend me to add something more to my first cycle?

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    10-12 weeks is best for a first steroid cycle. But you are going to be really disappointed man. Steroids DO NOT burn body fat. They increase muscle protein synthesis and prevent muscle catabolism.

    Testosterone is not going to help you shed body fat.
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    ^^^ agreed on both counts.

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    The only reason to run steroids on a cut is to prevent muscle loss. You only need a small dose for that. I wouldn't run more than 300mg per week for 10-12 weeks. Ideally you just cut without steroids so you don't have to deal with shutdown and PCT.

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