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Thread: HCG Confusion

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    Default HCG Confusion

    i just got my 3 ampules of 5000 iu of HCG with 3 bottles of sodium chloride water. my question is, how exactly can i get 250iU in the same syringe of the 250mg of testosterone enanthate? also, is there some difference between sodium chloride water and bacteriostatic water?

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    hcg is a scam. it does more harm than good

    having said that if you insist on de-sensitizing your nuts and want to use it simply do the math.. 1/10th of the 5000iu's will be 500iu's, 1/20th will be 250iu's and so on. just use a slin pin and do exactly 1CC and then 1 mark on it would be 500iu's and 1/2 mark would be 250iu's .. very simple math man

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    @stevesmi got you right on point there! Both in terms of dosing and HCG in general.

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    You never want to mix water based substances like HCG and oil based substances like testosterone in the same needle. You need to do two separate injections.

    Water based substances like HCG should be injected sub q.

    Add 200 units of water to your HCG vial. Then each iu will contain 25mcg of hcg. That way, 10iu = 250mcg.
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    You don't want to inject it with your test. Hell, you don't actually want to use it at all but if you are going to then you do it separately in a slin pin. Next time just use HCGenerate. It is a natural product that will do the same thing as HCG.......keep your nuts normal size.

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