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Thread: sore injection site, help

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    Default sore injection site, help

    i have been pinning HCG 250iu twice a week sub q under the belly button. i noticed today that there is kind of soreness and the injection site was sensitive with small lump deep. is that hernia? i feel uneasiness to flex abs or perform abdominal workouts. Has this happened to anyone? a friend said it is PIP but he has not enough knowledge. plz help.

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    There is most likely some sort of impurity in the HCG that your body is having an allergic reaction to. That's the problem with all these Chinese peptide sources - their products are usually crap.

    I would either stop taking the HCG or look for a new source. You can check the approved sources on if you need a new peptide source
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    don't inject in that spot for a while and it will go away.. if it keeps happening then find a new source

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    Give that spot a rest. It is always good to rotate injection sites.

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