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Thread: Tren Ace/ NPP /Test

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    Default Tren Ace/ NPP /Test

    i have five cycles under my belt and now want to run the next with NPP, testosterone enanthate, and trenbolone acetate. would you recommend 300mg a week dosages for tren and NPP and 250mg once or should it be 250mg twice a week? Any comments would be helpful.

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    I would do -
    test e 500mg/week
    tren ace 50mg MWF
    NPP 100mg MWF
    aromasin 10mg EOD
    cabergoline .25mg EOD
    cardarine 20mg/day
    Trevor Kouritzin RHN, B.ENG
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    remove the test from that cycle.. just do the tren with NPP and proviron

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    It s a hard cycle...i did it only it was tren hexa nnp and test prop. I keep the test low arownd 150 pw and tren and nnp at 300. Very good results...but if you are not prolactin prone

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    agreed with stevesmi. i'm not an expert myself, but i've asked my expert friend who said the same. he only does the tren with NPP and proviron without the test and he's all good. i might ask him other questions if you're still interested. but i see quite some time has passed since you've asked that and i'm interested if you have an update.

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