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Thread: estrogen out of whack

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    Default estrogen out of whack

    for the last 3 weeks, i feel like in hell. hot flashes, sleepy, lethargic, blurred vision, and foggy brain. i did some tests and found out that my estrogen level is high off the roof, it is almost double what a man should have. i was using arimidex till now, should i switch to aromasin?? plz help.

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    what were you running in the first place?

    you didn't give any information at all

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    Are you sure your arimidex is legit? If so then increase your dose. I always recommend aromasin over adex though. If you switch over then 10mg EOD aromasin is a pretty standard dose.

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    Your question only created more questions? What compounds are you running now? How much arimidex are you using? If you are using the right dosage, then there is something wrong with your arimidex, and you should get another AI. My recommendation would be aromasin at 10 mgs ED for the first week, and once your estrogen will start to get back to normal, EOD. Regarding the arimidex, your dosage should be 0.5 mgs EOD from the first day of the cycle, so if your dosage is lower than that, or you started taking it later, you might as well increase the dosage and see if that will help.

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    I am worried about your arimidex source. Even if you are running steroids that aromatize heavily into estrogen, if you are using arimidex - your estrogen levels shouldn't be that high.

    I would head on over to and check the source reviews section. I suspect your arimidex source is selling fake product. I would switch sources. You can find lots of really good sources at the source reviews section.
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