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Thread: Water retention

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    Default Water retention

    i am presently on my third cycle and in 6th week of it. been running primo 600, hgh 4 iu ed, and test e 500mg a week. i have been using NAC, hcg, aromasin and gained 20lbs till now but it seems to me that it is more of water retention. would you recommend running winstrol 50mg e2d?

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    How much aromasin are you running, and when did you start doing so? If you did not start running it from the first day of the cycle, this might be estrogen. Also, HCG can cause estrogen related side effects because it is essentially a form of estrogen, so it might be causing water retention as well. Taking winstrol won't solve the problem - you have to address the causes of the issues, not the problems themselves. Therefore, ditch the HCG - in any case there is nothing good that it can give you. I am pretty sure that this will solve the problem. Also, the HGH can cause water retention, so you need to keep this in mind as well.

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    I would start by getting blood work. You could be experiencing water retention from high estrogen. In that case you would want to bump up your aromasin dose or get new aromasin if you are not sure of your source. What you have could be fake or under-dosed.

    Also HGH can cause water retention as well so be aware of that.

    Either way, I would not run winny to try to dry out. That will do nothing for estrogen if that is indeed the problem.

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    gaining 20 pounds on a 3rd cycle is suspicious. are you keeping your gains from previous cycles or yo'yo'ing like so many other guys do

    what were your before and after stats. to get the most and keep your gains you need to dial in your diet and training and goal set. it isn't about just hopping on sauce and gaining 20 pounds then losing it all

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    20 pounds in 6 weeks is ALOT of weight. Yes you are using HCG (which I don't recommend) and HGH which promote water retention but there is no way that all that weight can be water weight.

    My advice to you is to download a food tracking application like my fitness pal on your phone and track your calories. You are probably eating a lot more food then you realize. A lot of guys mindless eat things like protein bars - which are FULL of calories.
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