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Thread: need advice on using steroids

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    Default need advice on using steroids

    i am 24 years old guy, 5'10", and skinny. i have tried eating a lot, eating the right stuff, exercising regularly, taking proteins and what not. i just dont gain weight and i think steroids can help me here. what do you think? can you please suggest me what would be good for me to make fast and big gains??

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    If you aren't gaining weight - steroids aren't going to fix your problem man. You simply aren't eating enough.

    My advice would be to download a food tracking application like myfitnesspal on your phone. Log your meals for a day. You are probably eating a lot less calories then you think.

    If you need to increase your calorie intake - use high quality calorie dense foods like whole eggs, avocado, olive oil etc
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    some guys are genetically prone to be skinny. but what is more likely here is you think you are eating and working out right but you aren't

    need to eat big to get big. you also need to start lifting using just compound lifts. protein shakes? you should not use them at all. those are for guys who are already big who don't feel like preparing a meal.

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    You wont gain with steroids if you are not gaining without steroids. You might think you are eating enough but you aren't. You might benefit from tracking calories. That way you can be sure you are getting enough every single day. You cant take days off of eating.

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