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Thread: high aggression levels

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    Default high aggression levels

    ever since i started with my first cycle, my aggression levels have really gone high. in my view, i was so calm before this and now it seems to me that i create and too much get involved in fights, with almost everyone. btw, i am running test e only at 500mg a week for 18 weeks and in week 9th now. what do you suggest?

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    Unfortunately, that is something that will happen to many guys when using androgenic compounds, as these can increase aggression levels. It is quite odd that just testosterone has raised your aggression levels, because usually this happens with highly androgenic compounds, such as trenbolone.

    In any case, there is not much that can be done to reduce the aggression levels. All I can advise you to do, is to try to rationalize everything before acting and to think twice. For the next time, try using less androgenic compounds, such as EQ, and ideally, better go with SARMS, since they do not cause aggression.

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    androgens increase aggression.. but the cliche of if you are a dick before using, you will be an even dick while using is sorta true

    i think you have more growing up to do before you should use steroids. otherwise you will end up in the clink.

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    Generally speaking - steroids amplify someone's personality. I am guessing you most likely struggled with aggression issues prior to starting steroids, correct?

    It is the androgenic properties of steriods that cause increases in aggression. I would stick with anabolic steroids like primo, deca, EQ, anavar etc. You are going to want to avoid androgenic steroids like tren, test etc.

    If the anger gets out of control, stop your cycle and run a PCT.
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    If you were calm before and getting in fights now then something is going on and its not the steroids. You are using them as an excuse. Either you were not as calm as you think before the cycle or there is something else going on in your life. If you disagree and think it is the gear then steroids are not for you. Stick to SARMs in that case.

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