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Thread: diet help

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    hello friends, i have been running trenbolone hex at 100mg eod along with testosterone enanthate 250mg twice a week for 18 weeks. in week 1st now. i work out 5 days a week and want to stay lean and gain muscle size and mass. what kind of a diet would you recommend for me?

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    You are planning on running tren for 18 weeks? That's a really long time to be on tren man. I recommend 10 weeks max for tren.

    Carb based diets work based when on tren. Check out this article I wrote on carb cycling ->
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    you shouldn't run either compound that long especially tren lol

    and you are asking about diet NOW after you hopped on steroids? you should already know how to eat beforehand. cmon man

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    Any diet will work if you stick to it......whether you are on steroids or not. Your cycle is a mess though. Tren for 18 weeks! Jesus man. That is flat out abuse. Cut that down to 6-8 weeks. If you can handle it, no more than 10-12 weeks max.

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