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Thread: should i stop?

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    Default should i stop?

    i started using testosterone cypionate, anavar, and primo for first 6 weeks and then ran sustanon and masteron for weeks 7-11 and winny, clen, proviron, and test cyp for weeks 11-16. i am like all over the place. should i now do a PCT or stop the cycle or continue maintaining?

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    Even if you were using a single compound and did not mess up the cycle so much, it would still be already time to go on PCT - 16 weeks are plenty, and I would not recommend to go any further without any particular plans. Therefore, you can stop using the compounds, wait two weeks, and run a PCT. You need to run a very complete PCT after such a messy cycle, so don't go cheap on it. Ideally, you should run the perfect PCT protocol as described here -

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    I think 10-16 week cycles are optimal. Cycles longer then 16 weeks become really hard to recover from. Since you have been on for 16 weeks - it's certainly time to get off.

    You ran a very aggressive cycle that was all over the place. You need to make sure to run a proper PCT to ensure your natural testosterone production fully recovers.

    A proper PCT ensures your natural testosterone production fully recovers and that you keep the majority of the gains you made on your steroid cycle. I recommend everyone follow the perfect PCT after each steroid cycle ->!-49252.html

    The perfect PCT is arguably the best PCT protocol you can run. It is comprised of the SERMS clomid and nolvadex, the AI aromasin, HCGenerate ES (a good natural testosterone booster), N2guard (a liver/organ detox supplement) and the SARMS ostarine and cardarine.
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    you are using long esters in there that need to be ran correctly. doing 5 weeks on and switching things comes from the rich piana school of stupid ideas to get youtube clicks.

    at 16 weeks it is time to pct and recover your HPTA. if you keep going recovery becomes tougher

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    You have been on long enough so what I would do is run a full PCT. This is what I would follow:!-49252.html

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