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Thread: tren suggestions?

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    Default tren suggestions?

    my trainer has suggested me to try out testosterone enanthate 600mg a week along with trenbolone acetate 150mg eod for my fourth cycle. i am 210lbs, 6'4", and 29 years old. i work out regularly 5 days a week and here to know what tips and precautions should i follow while running tren??

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    150mg of tren EOD? Was that a typo?

    That is WAY too high of a tren dosage man. 50-75mg EOD is a good dosage for tren ace
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    your trainer is relying too much on drugs to get you results

    you are going to get a lot of sides

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    Tren is an amazing compound but I find less is more. I would also keep your test dose much lower. Something like 300mg test and 300mg tren. That is more than enough to get good results with your diet and training on point.

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