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Thread: here for some advice

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    Default here for some advice

    i am planning for fourth cycle in a month's time and here for some suggestions. my goal is to lose as much fat as i possibly could and gain muscle mass. would you recommend a cycle with testosterone enanthate, masteron, trenbolone acetate, clenbuterol, T3, and sustanon?? Any Advice would be appreciated.

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    bud we all want to lose as much fat as possible and gain muscle.

    if it was that easy where we could run half a dozen drugs and steroids and accomplish that life would be simple.

    you have run 3 cycles and didn't do what you wanted yet right? so what makes you think a 4th will? you need to fix your diet and improve your workouts

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    Steroids do not cause fat loss. They increase muscle protein synthesis and prevent catabolism.

    Look into cardarine ->
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    You should just focus on diet for fat loss. Steroids do not burn fat.

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