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Thread: gyno development, help plz

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    Default gyno development, help plz

    i just completed a cycle with deca 300mg a week and testosterone enanthate 500mg a week for 14 weeks and used arimidex 0.25mg eod from week 5th onwards. there is a small lump in my nipples and my PCT has already started this week with clomid and nolvadex. by when can i expect this gyno thing to subside??

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    For the future - you want to use your AI on day 1 of your cycle and use it throughout your entire cycle. Waiting until week 5 to start it is too late.

    You also should have included an anti-prolactin drug in your cycle since deca is a nandrolone will raise prolactin levels in the body.

    Finish your PCT and then run the anti-gyno protocol 3.0 to remove the gyno ->
    The anti gyno protocol is going to be your best bet for removing the gyno without surgery.
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    Sincerely, I am not sure that after a PCT, especially such a mild one, the gyno will subside. Try finishing the PCT and see how it will go. If the lump will remain there, run the anti-gyno protocol suggested by @muskate - I have personally seen it help guys with gyno, so it will definitely solve the problem, especially considering the fact that you don't have a bad case of gyno. Just make sure to run it to the letter and finish it off completely. Some guys do the mistake of finishing it as soon as they see improvements, but this is a wrong thing to do if you want sustainable results.

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    you may want to avoid aromatizing compounds in the future, you seem to be very gyno prone

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    Also keep running the AI during PCT and slowly taper it down. You want to control estrogen but don't want to have a rebound effect.

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