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Thread: tbol and dbol query?

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    Default tbol and dbol query?

    my next cycle will be with testosterone enanthate 500mg a week and i am a bit confused on whether i should use dianabol 50mg ed for first 5 weeks or instead use turinabol 40mg a day? or should i use both of them? any tips? suggestions??

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    There is no point in using them together, since they are so similar, and that would be quite a hit for the liver. Therefore, just use one. I would recommend to go with turinabol - it will give you the same muscle gains as dbol, but with no water retention, and other issues related to aromatization. In both cases make sure to be using a good liver supporting supplement, such as N2Guard, since all orals are liver toxic.

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    if you were not using test stacking tbol and dbol makes sense

    but since you are already using test just choose 1 or the other. this idea that you have to stack things on top of each other defeats the logic of stacking

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    Just a personal preference. Dbol will give more strength and size but way more side effects. Mainly water retention. Tbol gives the same but just on a lesser scale minus the water.

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