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Thread: Dosing Sustanon??

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    Default Dosing Sustanon??

    i did two cycles till now and now thinking of doing my next cycle with sustanon. however, i am confused when it comes to the dosing aspect. some people suggest 350mg a week is a good dose while some suggest two split doses of 250mg a week. which one is ideal?

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    I do not blame you for being confused.. sustanon is very misunderstood. it is made up of 4 esters. just 30mg of prop, phenyl/iso 60mg each, and finally the big one decanoate 100mg. it was designed for TRT use, so you would inject a larger amount at one time and not inject again for 2 weeks. each ester picks up after one another and over time it balances out. so you inject 2-3X per month, vs. injecting once a week.

    you didn't say how long you wanted to run your cycle. but if it is under 10 weeks I would not even bother with sustanon.. use cyp or E or even prop. if it is longer than i would inject sustanon at 500mg a week. either 1 injection a week, or split the dose every 4 days

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    I would inject 250mg twice per week. That is a pretty standard dose of 500mg per week of testosterone.

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