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Thread: how to use dostinex?

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    Default how to use dostinex?

    i have been reading about Dopamine Agonists lately and wondering if dostinex is the best thing out there?? i heard it is very potent and good when it comes to suppressing the production of prolactin in the pituitary gland. can anyone plz advice me on the dosage aspect if i want to take it every third day???

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    Check out this article on dostinex ->

    Are you using dostinex as part of a steroid cycle or are you planning on just using it as a dopamine agonist?

    The recommended dosage of dostinex is 0.25mg EOD or E3D. However, I don't think using a drug just for the sake of using a drug is a good idea.

    Why not use a natural product that has anti-dopamine properties like HCGenerate from instead?
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    you can go to and use it

    dosages are 1mg or less per week .. you don't need much at all

    or you can use hcgenerate ES

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    Dostinex (caber) is what you can run to get prolactin levels down when using nandrolones. Grab some from ag-guys.

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    The right starting dosage is 0.25 mgs E2D. Then you can take it more frequently, or less frequently depending on how it will work for you.

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