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Thread: Completely new, here for advice

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    Default Completely new, here for advice

    i have been a regular at the gym for the last 5 years. a friend at the gym suggested me to try out a cycle with anavar, testosterone enanthate, and winstrol. is that really a nice cutting cycle?? i was actually thinking of masteron and test e. which one will be better?

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    Masteron is primarily a cosmetic drug. You aren't going to notice much from it unless you are 8% body fat or less.

    Anavar + test would be a good cutting stack. I wouldn't mess around with winstrol unless you are planning on doing a bodybuilding show. It's one of the absolute worst steroids for your hair line. Most people also get really bad joint pain from it.

    I would do a simple 12-14 week test e cycle with a 6-8 week anavar kick start. Simple and effective.
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    cutting cycles are designed for guys who are already lean who want to prep for pics or a show.

    they aren't for average joe's or even guys at 12 or 13% body fat.. really unless you are under 10% they don't do a thing except shed hair and dry joints

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    I have some decent ideas about testosterone enanthate. And you can try for this one. But don't know about winstrol.

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