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Thread: Liquid Testosterone query

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    Default Liquid Testosterone query

    i have been trying to find out if anyone deals in the liquid version of testosterone. or injecting is the only way to use testosterone on a cycle? i was planning to run a cycle with T3 and clenbuterol and take testosterone enanthate with it. let me know.

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    There are topical testosterone creams like androgel but they are only really beneficial for testosterone replacement therapy. It'll be pretty hard to apply enough cream to get a high enough dosage required for a steroid cycle. You could use it but you would have to apply it multiple times per day to get a high enough dosage.

    The problem with topical testosterone creams is that they aromatize into estrogen at a much higher rate then testosterone injections. If you want to use androderm instead of injectable testosterone, make sure to increase you AI dosage to keep estrogen in the low-normal range. This will prevent estrogen related side effects like water retention and gyno.

    Personally, I would just order some more injectable testosterone and use that. If you need a source, check the source reviews section on the board here. You can't go wrong ordering from the approved sources like roid mass or nordic fusion.
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    first off find a good source for your test. head over to and take a look at approved sources

    you will want to inject it yes. that gives you full absorption

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    If you are talking about the gels that are common for TRT I would not bother using them for a cycle. You will not have great absorption and they are annoying to deal with daily. Just get injectable test from a good source.

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